About me

Hi, I am Peter Somogyi, a London based headshot photographer, welcome to my site.

As a former cinematographer I have always been a huge fan of capturing human faces. I realized quiet soon how different every person is and I always tried to emphasize this differences in my compositions. I never photograph two people in the same way. I always strive for creating something new, something unique what turns every individual into a genuine character. I think this process made headshot photography my passion. As a result I always get really good feedbacks, not just from my clients but from agents and casting directors as well. I am proud of that my former clients get much more auditions and managed to get into the biggest agencies in London.

I understand that working as a performer can be really tough and struggling and not everyone can afford to pay hundreds of pounds for their headshots in every 2 years. Therefore I keep my prices as cheap as possible which allows you to get industry standard headshots for as low £80.

Should you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact me at any time.

the session

The session will take place in my homestudio in Greenwich, where we will sit down with some drink and snack to discuss your casting range and what you are looking for. We will review the images after each round to see how we are going and you will receive a digital contact sheet within 24 hours after your session. Then you can select the ones which you want retouched. You will receive all your retouched pictures cropped to standard 8×10 in high resolution both in colour and B&W.


“Peter is definitely able to capture the essence of your feelings through the facial expression. He creates a comfortable environment that makes you feel spontaneous and doubtless he knows how to put yourself at ease !!
Certainly recommended!”

– Morena de Leonardis

“I have had bad experiences in the past were its just been someone with a decent camera but Pete couldn’t have been any more accommodating and easier to work with! He was professional and knew his stuff and the proof is in the headshots he produces for you after editing. I was so pleased with the outcome of the day and the photos. Amazing guy and amazing headshots to follow. Thank you! certainly recommend!”

– Ellen Lilley

“Pete was great to work with! I had a real enjoyable time from start to finish. He knows how to capture the strongest images of you by making you feel relaxed with his wicked sense of humour. I am beyond happy with how all my shots came out and can’t recommend him enough”

– Kyle Pedro

“Had an absolutely fantastic and comfortable experience, and came out very happy with the images. I would 100% recommend him for anyone looking for a good headshot”

– Grace Dunkerley

“My first headshot experience, it was great. I felt comfortable and was given all the directions and information needed to produce some great shots! Brilliant session”

– Lizzie Eaton

“My Experience with Pete was excellent! He made me feel really welcome, comfortable and most importantly relaxed. It was more than just a photo shoot, he taught me a few tricks to do to camera. I would would definitely recommend him to my friends or anyone looking to get new headshots.”

– Sherene Skinner

“Pete made me feel so comfortable right from the beginning & not only did he create for me a great portfolio of headshots – He also gave me that extra knowledge & training into what makes a good headshot which can help how you approach a certain audition/casting. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants some great shots! He takes time as well – there is no pressure from him & what I liked was the fact he showed you the photos after each outfit change so you knew how the shoot was going!”

– Sam Bailey

“Pete is very knowledgable behind the camera, not just from a technical point of view but also from a psychological aspect. He puts the actor at ease and helps direct from an actor’s mindset, which is fantastic for getting a true connection and character shots. He is very easy to work with and has lots of ideas and practical tips to implement for expressions. I love his youtube videos on how to prepare pre photoshoot and would recommend anybody wanting good headshots check these out. I would happily work with Pete again.”

– Lorena Dale

“I’m absolutely thrilled with my headshots & character shots by Peter. He did a fab job of capturing character and personality in my face.He captured my personality so perfectly .He was great to work with and understands what actors need and the way to find it. Extremely happy and will most definitely be going to him in the future. If you are an actor couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than him.”

– Imola Gaspar

“Great photographer and very easy process. The shoot was very friendly and comfortable and he was happy to edit the images more than once if required. Really happy with the final result!”

– Emma Plant

“Peter definitely knows whats he is doing, My shoot with Pete went nice and smoothly. We collaborated very well together and took some amazing shots which I was satisfied with. Peter is a talented patient photographer with a serious eye for shots, I would recommend many people to his talents as it is hard to find a photographer who can take great photos like his and still stay humble and honest with what he does. His retouches are very good and I was happy with his final edits. I will definitely like to work with Peter Again!”

– Isky Fay

“I would highly recommend Pete for headshots. Pete goes far beyond the basic requirements of a photographer, taking stunning shots in great locations. I will definitely use him in the future.!”

– Michael David

“Peter is a great photographer with a fine eye for detail. He is a relaxed individual and it shows through his gorgeous photos. Thanks Pete!”

– Andrew Rowe

“Pete has a very good eye for photographs and what is needed to create a stand out headshot. He is very professional, easy to work with and happy to discuss your needs and give recommendations as to what will work for you. I was so pleased with all my photographs and highly recommend booking him! “

– Hannah Jane Yeoman

“Amazing day with a skilled camera man with so much experience. Its rare to find someone who can give your headshot the Hollywood look but Peter is amazing weather its still or motion.”

– Flannán Hassett

“I am so happy with my photos and I couldn’t believe how quickly I got them. Pete is highly professional with great attention to detail and he is more than happy to give you the quality time you need. Such a talented photographer!”

– Maisie Gee

the difference

Of course, it is important to have a great lighting set up, nice backgrounds and smart outfit choices but the most important thing when it comes to headshot is your expression. For that reason, what I am focusing the most during the session is to have you have that perfect facial expression which grabs the attention and makes you stand out. I will teach you a couple of great techniques which will make you look much more photogenic and will make a huge difference in your headshot. I will show you those little nuances which will make you look much more confident and approachable which is a must if you want to stand out from the crowd.

book a session

If you would like to book a session, please contact me directly:

Phone: 07582 685 651

E-mail: peter@petephotos.com

Or click here to fill the form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Once you picked your slot, you will receive a welcome packege which inludes a document with a lot of useful information about how to prepare, what to bring and how you can bring out the most of your session. You will also receive a copy of the Terms & Conditions and an invoice of the deposit. Once the deposit is paid, the booking is complete. Also I will send you a reminder via e-mail a few days before your session.