1. In this Agreement the terms

(a) Customer is the person, agency or other organisation who pays for the service.

(b) Pete Photography is a trading name of Peter Somogyi freelance photographer. UTR number: 8750838582, address: 13 Dornberg Close, London, SE3 7DB.

2. General Terms

(a) The entire copyright of the pictures is retained by Pete Photography.

(b) Deposit and cancellation: a £20 non-returnable, non-refundable deposit (will be deducted from the session fee on the day) is payable by Customer for booking. Customer can rearrange their session at least 2 working days prior in which case the deposit can be transferred to the rearranged date. If Customer needs to rearrange their session within two working days or the session need to be cancelled at any time by the Customer, or the Customer does not attend on the session, the deposit will be lost. If Pete Photography has to cancel the session or the customer attends on a ‘Pay for the pictures only’ session, the deposit will be fully refunded.

(c) The rest of the fee is payable on the session by cash, check or bank transfer.

(d) Pete Photography will send a digital contact sheet with all the pictures to the Customer within 24 hours after the session by e-mail.

(e) Pete Photography will not give out non-retouched pictures in high resolution but will store all of them for 2 years.

(f) After the retouching fee is fully paid, Pete Photography supplies all the retouched high resolution pictures within 5 working days, unless otherwise advised.

(g) By paying the session – and retouching fee, customer buys the right to use the images for given purposes as stated below.

3. Picture usage

(a) Customer is allowed to use the pictures for self-promotion by print and upload it to online casting directories like Spotlight, Castingcallpro, IMDB, mandy.com, etc.

(b) Customer is allowed to use the pictures in their own personal or professional website and on their social media profile like Facebook, LinkdIn, Twitter, etc. All use subject to accreditation.

(c) Customer is not allowed to make any additional editing on the pictures or have any third party to edit them.

(d) Customer is not allowed to use the pictures for paid-for advertising or sell them for any purpose.